Absorbers or Diffusors for 1rst/2nd refl. points?

Any thoughts on this: from my reading it seems easy enough to build diffusors for specific frequencies - would this make more sense than absorbing panels?
I love the live sound I get & don't want to dampen it.
I think I have more problems in the bass which I'm hoping to address with tube traps, the mid and treble sound fine.
Just a thought at my early stage of treating my new small room. Have CARA & a RS spl coming - any input from Rives and that other fabulous man who answers everything - can't look up his name or I'll have to retype all this - own Echobusters I think.

Try some of these first. A new, more effective line is coming out soon. I have some prototypes and they are very effective. You need them anyway so you might as well start at the beginning.

Eighth Nerve doesn't believe in treating the first reflection points. Here is a review that is a little verbose but explains their position and the first generation of products.


The new line is based on the same principle but is more effective.
It depends so much on so many factors in the room. Most rooms need both. Small rooms tend to need a lot of diffusion, where as larger ones as a percentage tend to need more absorption. But this is just a rule of thumb, and other items can affect it greatly.
Thanks for these.
to Herman - took your advise the last time , was very impressed by the review, particularly as I have Virgos & know the importance of setting them up. Thinking we spoke the same language, mailed 8th Nerve but never heard back.
to Rives - hoping the CARA I bought from you will point me in the right direction.
Big apologies to Ethan Winer - my brain goes dead at 4 in the morning !
Had a nice mail from Nathan at 8th Nerve.
In no way meant to be disparaging - it'd be a brave man who said he never missed a mail and I realise people are busy.
On vacation at the moment Nathan but appreciate your mail and will get back to you soon.
Thanks Simon
Having great fun with the CARA !
My positioning was almost spot on but the recommendations when adding room treatments helped lots. I think I would have went overboard for the size of the room had a not tried a simulation first. Now all I need are some panels !