Absorption/Diffraction..1st reflective points...

It would be easier and more aesthetically pleasing for me to use large plants at 1st reflective points to tighten up the sound stage. Would this method have a sonic degradation compared to absorption?

The size of the room will determine absorption compared to diffraction. Placing plants in any room will still make an enjoyable listening environment.
Schipo, Thanks for the reply.

14`w by 17`long by 8`h. DL room.


tsm/mme`s with master rc`s
aa prima mk11 cdp
cary sli=80 int. amp.
cardas gr ic...cdp to cary.
cardas golden presence w/forged spades
cardas gr pc to cdp.
cardas golden pc to cary.
a website linked to the RPG site indicated absorption is better than diffraction in smaller rooms, meaning rooms one would find in homes that are less than palatial in size.
14`w by 17`long by 8`h. DL room. I would go with absorption with the size of the room being rather small but not tiny.. Diffraction works well when listening chair is further away from a rear wall.The closer the listening chair to the rear wall the better to use absorption..there is much to read and there is allot of different opinions. The best thing to remember is to use 4" or better. And a little will go along way.The best to you...
I love plants , but honestly I don't think they make much difference in helping to tune a room . As far as diffraction verses absorption , most pro tune company's don't recommend diffraction because it scatters sound waves rather than treating them . Diffraction can make a room sound more like a hall if thats what your into .