AC WIRE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi; I just moved to a new place and would like to run 2 or 3 lines directly from the fuse box. Can any one recommend a power cable is safe and powerful enough to do the job? Thank you very much, joey
From my experience (based on 240V AC), using the usual crappy TPC is fine as a feeder (and the only thing legal in the wall in this country), but use a guage you would use for a stove (here it would be 30A, in the US I guess it is 60A). Then use a high-end cable for the last 6 feet. For some reason about 6 feet seems to be enough to get the beneficial effects of the expensive cable, and running longer lengths tends to constrict the sound. Personally I have found that with a thick guage feeder and clean, tight contacts right back to the street, there is no need for a power filter - but your power company may not be as good as mine. Further, I would not recommend running several feeders to the one stereo system, unless you star-earth them close to the stereo - doing so would permit you to run a dedicated earth, which can be beneficial if you run a very thick guage one.