Accuphase A50v and Magneplanar 3.6

Hi all from Italy!

This is a question: a single Accuphase A50V (but in future I can do biamp) can drive well Magneplanar 3.6? (4 ohm). I expect to hear your experience; the listening room is small-medium

thanks alex
for a small to medium room, you will be fine. the A50 and A50V are both incredibly good, with a lot more grunt than their 50wpc would imply.....that said, a single accuphase push/pull with more wpc would honestly 'sound' just as good or even better. I have had an A50V and a 450 at the same time, and heard minimal differences in the quality of sound....the 450 however, had deeper and more controlled bass, and still had the transparent midrange....All that said, the A50V is a keeper, and with most moderately efficent speakers, is more than most would ever need for quality, balanced sound. In a smaller room, you should be just fine.

Hello Helios1033,

Many amps will probably do well with the midrange and tweeter drivers. With amps that don't have much power and current, these speakers will politely ask for a subwoofer. I tried the 3.6r with a Mcintosh amp and a Classe amp. The Mac was superb with the midrange and the higher notes, but lacked bass punch and definition. The Classe had good bass and definition, but didn't have the magic that the more soulful Mad had.

I used a Krell KAV 300iL with 400 watts @ 4ohms for a few months and it could not have absolute control over the bass driver. The bass was quick and taut, but it didn't have weight. A Velodyne 15" sub helped with the bass SPL, but the pitch was not a match for the quick and agile Maggies' bass panel.

I then got a Spectron Musician III SE and everything came together. This amp has totally control over the Maggies. After this, I removed to Velodyne from the system since the Maggies' bass had the weight, pitch and definition I was looking for. Sure, the 3.6r won't go down to the 20 hrz neighborhood, but bass is very strong and very well defined. I mostly listen to Classical and Jazz, so I don't feel I'm missing anything.

I liked this amp so much with the Maggies that I got another one to bridge them to mono-blocks. The mono-blocks have total control over the Maggies and to so with great finesse.


I have had similar experiences with my Maggie 3.6r's. I tried a big McIntosh (501's), some big tubes (Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes), Parasound JC-1's (great) some Krell's and Brystons, but always I came back to the realization that you need LOTS of power. I'm not sure that the Accuphase would give you much in the way of dynamcics.

My experience is that the speakers really changed and woke up with the Innersound ESL 300, then got better with the Spectron Musician III, then the BelCanto e.One Reference (not as good as the Spectron, but good), now I have settled on the Cary Audio MB500's. As ISanchez says, a good power amp will take hold of the bass. The Cary's have been amazing, really a revelation to me. The just throttle the Maggies, they are never out of control and my Velodyne SMS-1 has measured the extension down to 32hz, and set the crossover at 45hz, it sounds great.

Since you are in Italy, I would suggest some big Electrocompiant's or the big Musical Fidelity amps (I have heard they are a great match).

Where are you in Italy?? Exactly a year ago today, I visited Florence (Firenze) for the first time. WOW, amazing, we loved it, in fact stayed 2 extra days there and cut out a trip to Milan.

Good luck.

living in Rome....this is my system. Ciao

now, 8011 MBL ( fantastic amps) has been sold, and temporarily use a Gamut D200 MKIII

Hi Mac,

living in Rome, ciao!! my system here ( 8011 has been sold, use temporarily Gamut D200 MKIII)
What people are forgetting here is that the Accuphase A50 amp is a Class A output amp with HUGE CURRENT OUTPUT which is what Magnepans like. I would say you would be fine with it, the bass might not be as tight (typical of Class A biased amps compared to Class AB) but the ribbon tweeter will sound magical with the Accuphase house sound.

Magnepans are a straight 4 ohm load... Try out the Gamut but I think the Accuphase will have more current.

I've run Magnepan IIIa's, 1.6 with up to 1200watts into 4ohm and they open up the more power you give them no matter what level you listen to them with. But most high output amps are harsh on the ribbon tweeters so be careful.

If the magnepans are brand new, play them loud for long periods of time to break them in the panels don't bass well till they loosen up.

Nice setup! Enjoy it.
Tried Krell FPB700CX and the result was great. But Accuphase A50L has more musicality