Accuphase c280l

I AM ABOUT TO BUY AN ACCUPHASE C280l PRE AMP. Any comment suggestion?
Hey , I used to own one of them.Sold it years ago to a member in California.
Anyways, I loved it.Wish I still had it but you can't keep everything.I sold it after I tried my Audio Aero Cap MKI directly to the amp and was sold on going direct.
If you are using multiple inputs etc., it is everything you would want in a pre, except remote.Has a great Phono stage if this one has it,it may have been an option.
I'd buy one back for second system now that I have more money to spare.
Has a sweet sound to it , and very musical,all balanced in and out,pretty cool for a piece built in late 80's or very early 90's.
My .02 cents, YMMV.
Sorry but can we clarify? Are you contemplating the new C 2810 or the older C280? I don't think there was a 2801.

If it is the newer model I guess as with any piece of equipment you will get pros and cons but as a user of the earlier C290V I can assure you of one thing. There is no more reliable or better built pre amp than an Accuphase. Sound is a very personal thing but if it's the 2810 you are considering it will be near the top of the heap of pre amps, no matter what the cost.
Apologies, I now see you mean C280L. My only comment would be that not all changes which are described as updates to all things are for the better but generally and in most areas they are! Materials and components and even design expertise do improve and higher performance becomes available at lower cost. In the end if you have the ability to compare the two in your system you will very soon have your answer. Best of luck
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