accuphase compare to mcintosh

1-For the moment i have a mcintosh int and i would like to know if the accuphase int have a better bass impact and dynamic.

2-What is the difference between accuphase and mcintosh in sound signature.
Audiofeil, I too am humbled by the level of experience demonstrated, and the perfection of the logic presented; it is not often that logic forming such a perfect circle is presented in such depth and with such vigor. I certainly have been schooled. I shall retreat to my corner and ponder my navel (which is surely not NASA grade - robust, circular, and enduring though it may be).

As to the OP's questions:
1) It depends on the integrateds. In general, I find Accuphase to have excellent bass, but to be a little rolled off in the treble. If I had to choose between top of the line Accuphase and TOTL McIntosh, I would choose TOTL Accuphase any day of the week.
2) I find Accuphase's 'house' sound signature to be quite detailed but slightly 'softened', and lacking in dynamics. I find McIntosh sound signature to be less detailed, and more 'round' - perhaps similar weaknesses but more pronounced.
Sounds like OP might have to actually listen to both to know which he would prefer, and that could be very dependent on the speaker and room used. Both are obvioulsy fine pieces of equipment.