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Tube buffer or tube preamp
MY SYSTEMDYNAUDIO CONTOUR S5.4 SPEAKERMOON W3 AMPMATANTZ SC11-S1 PREAMPMOON DAC 300D DACCLASSE CDT-1 TRANSPORTAC CABLE AND INTERCONNECT ARE JPS LABSI dont want to get sloppy bass but i would like to get soft hight and mid, I hope it will help you 
furutech bulk ac cable
please note that my thread is about furutech bulk ac cable only, so i would like to have answer about it only. For me the question of the importance of ac cable is close. Some thread turn to a debate and by this way we forget what is the initial s... 
accuphase compare to mcintosh
wow! a lot of response for my simple question 
How many power i need???
canton ergo 695 
mcintosh c42 vs c46 experience?
someone have heard the c42 and c46? if yes can you give me the difference 
Anyone like Mordaunt-short or Canton
im very familiar whit canton. The gle490.2 are really dynamic for the price, but for maybe 300$ more you can get the chrono509.2. The tweeter in chrono series is the same that the vento serie(7k$ pair). For a good matching whit canton you must use... 
Do power cords make an audible difference?
for my ears its more important than the interconnect 
classe cdt-1 10 years old....good buying??
i found it on e bay :phillips 12.4 for 45$....real joke hahaha 
audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21
All right Yioryos, if we talk about the arc dac 3, i can listening it but before doing 600KM for it can you say if he have smooth hight end who can be plug whit my bright canton or maybe not... 
best cd between cary or raysonic
know im using atoll sacd200 but my next cd will be definitively a upgrade in all way 
best cd between cary or raysonic
all right Dave, your 128 sound warm ot neutral?? im searching for a transparent tube cd player.... 
musical fidelity a5 tipped-up treble
thank you Aball very interesting response. I had the chance to ear a basic cd player marantz and it sounded warm whit a good bass. What do you think about a tube cd player ex:prima luna prologue 8, cary 303/200. 
musical fidelity a5 tipped-up treble
i have canton ergo 695 and mcintosh ma 6500 all audioquest cable, my lounge ist open whit the kitchen and i know that its one of my problem. 
tube cd player vs solid state
by example if we compare mcintosh mcd301 (ss) vs tube cd player at the same price, wich would be the best warm and dynamic whit deep tite and punchy bass... 
bi amp imrpoving?
i mean to use one poweramp for the bass and one poweramp for hight and mid. it must be the active methode.