Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?

I have Accuphase E5000 plugged into my Equitech son of q jr. balanced power supply. Sounds great and I have had the Equitech for a good 15 years now. Everything is dead quiet, not even a hiss coming from the system. Just started thinking about power cords and if it is worth it, I’m in the U.S., if that matters. Thanks

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An MIT Z Cord lll, non networked cord might be beneficial. New near $1900, used 1/2 or less. I like mine.


Thank You for citing your Cables/Cords. Accuphase gear already has robust power supplies (even their Disc spinners) so I have not felt the need to upgrade my DP-65v stock PC. At audio shows,  it would be of interest to learn brand(s) Accuphase exhibits.


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Write to Accuphase Japan and ask if a different power cord will make the sound better (lift more veils, add more organic serums, etc) than the cord they gave you. Ask them what cord you should specifically buy. Since they designed and built your amp, they could be more qualified to give you an answer than Agon power cord, AC outlet and fuse specialists.