Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?

I have Accuphase E5000 plugged into my Equitech son of q jr. balanced power supply. Sounds great and I have had the Equitech for a good 15 years now. Everything is dead quiet, not even a hiss coming from the system. Just started thinking about power cords and if it is worth it, I’m in the U.S., if that matters. Thanks

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this...


Power cords, and all cabling, a hotly debated question here, hundreds of threads...easy answer is purchase a few that offer full return...I use aftermarket cords but many won’t/don’t...though if it sounds great, clearly your cord is good enough...if good enough is good enough !!!!  With an amp as good as yours I would certainly want to try out some cords to see for myself in my system...

+1 @jl35.  I use after market cabling as well. However,this is really only a decision you, and your ears can make. 

If you don't jump down the rabbit hole you will save a lot of money, but I have no doubt that if you were to upgrade one or more power cords on your components you would hear some type of differences depending upon your listening skills and level of components. I've reached the point where I prefer to relax and enjoy the music but I'll admit that every now and then I get the itch experiment.

I like to DIY AC cables using shielded cables and nice connectors (not Wattgate).

The main thing I look for really is shielding, as I feel it helps reduce noise induced from all the WIfi/Ethernet cables running around a home entertainment center.  I use a Furman power conditioner, which is great at reducing AC noise, so from that point where I know the AC is much cleaner to my integrated is fully chielded AC cable.


My favorite source for cables and connectors is below.  I don't need more than 14 gauge, so the DH Labs Encore 3 is my preferred cable.  I'd rather have 14 gauge shielded than bare 12 gauge:



I will add that while I usually buy all my AC parts from Parts Connextion, Leviton makes an excellent 90 degree hospital grade connector that can really help in space limited areas, like behind a bass trap and the wall:

+1, @jl35


With an Integrated like Accuphase, you should try few PC’s. I would look into Zavfino and Audio Envy brands that eliminates the need to mess around with DIY cables. Like you, my entire system is plugged into a pair of Isolation Transformer based power distributor / conditioner. And I can easily discern differences in PC’s on my Accuphase Integrated.

If your system is already "dead quiet", then don't bother chasing some audiophile dream?  It leads to Spinal Tap. 🤣.  

I would use an Accuphase a power cord.  I am using a pair of their interconnects on a Sony music server with excellent results. 


I would try Zavfino Fina or Majestic. And AE’s Ocean Expanded or Mega. I would also consult with Captain at Audio Envy. There is also a listing on USAudio Mart for Audio Envy Ocean Elite 3P for $125. That’s a good price if you don’t buying used. 

@stereo5 i didn’t think Accuphase actually had those cables. Thought they were just knock offs?

While the efficacy of high end powercords and interconnects may be debated among novists and value oriented audio consumers, it is not debated among seasoned audio enthusiasts, high end designers, dealers and audiophiles. A high quality system cannot perform near its potential without optimizing all the components and all the wires are components in the system. It is important to have all optimized, compatible and synergistic boxes, then move on to the wires that connect them and provide power.

I would recommend trying a Cardas Clear Beyond and AudioQuest Hurricane. These will both provide instant easily heard improvement of very different flavors. One will likely appeal to you more.

A couple comments. When we refer to noise or the noise floor, it is not about hiss or audible directional noise. It is about the background… it is how black and void it is. Not even consumer products should have noise in the traditional audible sense. It takes some time listening to systems to train your ear to recognize the noise floor. More details emerge as the floor drops, the sound is more dynamic you feel more relaxed instead of jacked up by the music. This is one of the characteristics wires improve.

To this end, I recommend a better power cord, but also plugging your integrated via high end cord directly into the wall. Amps perform much better this way, and yours is likely to. But since it is an integrated… maybe not. 

A big boost in sound quality also comes from running direct lines from your breaker box. Typically one for your amp and one for your power conditioner / other components.

Sounds like you have opportunities for two substantial improvements at least.


Definitely experiment if you have the time money and energy. And I was like @stereo5 that Accuphase makes hi end cables? A web search certainly brings some up.

No stock power cord is any good at minimum at least a $1k powercord is needed to get thebest out of the5000.

I bought a pair of Accuphase cables, directly from them.   They have interconnects and I think AC cables as well.  

@stereo5 I see the Accuphase cables you are talking about on their website, but no power cables from them. I just see eBay sellers selling the power cables for around $35. I don’t believe they are actually from Accuphase.

So Accuphase makes a cost-no-object nearly $20,000 integrated amps, with hand selected components chosen for sound quality then cheaps out with a Two-Buck Chuck power cord? I'm kinda thinking not.

You said that it sounds great so you should be good to go. Find a place that will lend you a power cord and try it out. Don’t buy before you listen

2024 people are still talking about audiophiles cables power cords interconnects  and more lol really? It doesn’t make any difference 😂😂😂 

I know 3 dealers whose sells expensive cables up to $70k but uses Chinese junk 

‘they always amazed how people spend that money for just 2 percent different sound(NOT BETTER JUST DIFFERENT)

Why chinese junk? I try them and many more with me the results are great.

Pay 1000 or 20.000 dollar for a cable thats junk. Everything is comming from china.

@panzrwagn Yeas sir, that is the truth. Maybe a $5.00 cord, but they are the cheaper black cords with molded ends. 

@audioman58 Thanks

@riie Thanks, probably will

@lordrootman Just looking into something a little better quality and better looking, nothing crazy. 

@margaretha Thanks, which ones have you tried?

I have the odin rca the odin powercord and now i ordered the odin xlr

and the furutech powercord. For this money you never go wrong.

I am from mine 17 age hifi freak and i am now 63 i hear and have a lot of expensive equipment in the past. Also designed speakers you can asked in hifi evry price you want thats is with cables the same. Give it a name and put a price on it.

I would not go full-on and spend $1000. I like to make my own cables, and usually I but Neotech, so instead of spending $1000 I can spend $300 for a high-quality OCC cable. However, you have to know what you are doing, connect the wires in the right place (main thing to put ground to ground) and tighten them very well. Then if you are not happy about it, you could try the crazy stuff like Cardas and Audioquest

@rtacconi  I may go that route. I’m pretty handy with everything. I wouldn’t spend over $300 on a power cable. Thanks 

I hate to bring this up, but in my experience a fuse upgrade results in greater sound benefit than a power cable upgrade. The fuse is the bottleneck of the unit. Open up that bottleneck results in a much more noticeable improvement than the kind of power cable used. Anyway, that's all based on my experience in the house of stereo. Here is the journey I followed at improving sound:

1. Built a soundproof listening room.

2. Installed acoustic treatment.

3. Buying / selling audio equipment until I found the right sound to my ears.

4. Used isolation on every component.

5. Upgraded all cables, interconnect, power, speakers.

6. Upgraded fuses.

In the end, the least noticeable sound improvement was my power cables. Granted I live on the outskirt of a small town of 5,000 people with underground power lines offering a very stable feed. Additionally the house of stereo has a completely separate power feed from the main house. Those are likely major factors contributing to my experience. I have zero doubt that power cables can be beneficial upgrades since there are many respected audiophiles who enjoy excellent results. So many ways to skin a cat. It all comes down on how you choose to go at it. Enjoy the journey.

Suggest focusing on cables that are in the sound path. The good folks at Accuphase surely would not supply an inadequate cord to feed electricity to the transformers…long before an audio signal is involved. 

Accuphase is a high-end company that I believe would not put a substandard cord on their product. You may hear a difference with other cords, but is it worth the cost or aggravation? Good luck with your experimenting adventure.

Until you get someone to assist so as to not deal with confirmation bias, you'll not know that there is no difference. Cables of all sorts are the biggest cash cow for the companies that make them. Profits through the roof.

If you are discerning enough to have purchased that awesome amplifier, trust yourself to try some power cords, and decide what you like. Confirmation bias works in both directions. Since you can try for free, enjoy the process and trust your own judgement.


I use and can highly recommend a couple of Zavfino power cords: Majestic MKII and the Prima MKII, both OCC copper cords.....cryo treated, and broken in to an extent. The Prima MKII is taking longer to break in, the Majestic needed about 100 hours, but the Prima is on 200 hours and still improving....both would be great for an amp.

Also would recommend upgrading your power receptacles if you have not done so already: Furutech GTX-D(G-Gold), Furutech GTX-D(R-Rhodium), or the Oyaide R1.....I prefer the GTX-D(G) and the Oyaide R1.....but several others have disagreed, and strongly support the GTX-D(R)

Forgot to mention, the Oyaide R1 is the receptacle to consider,;not the Oyaide SWX series...big performance difference


from lalitk "I would look into Zavfino and Audio Envy brands".  I respectfully disagree, at least in part.  I have never owned or listened to Zavfino wires, but I purchased two AE power chords at a show. 

They were really cheap, so I figured what the heck.  After a break-in of 50+ hours, they STILL SOUNDED WORSE than the plain-black OEM power chords that came with my Pre-Amp and Amp (both Ayre).  Undeterred, I switched to the Anti-cable Level 3 - finally heard how a good power chord can improve Sound Q. 

I now own four of the A-C Level 3 power chords.  The AE power chords are still in a box in my garage: I tried to give them away on AG, but no takers - I think that speaks volumes.

P.S. I have no affiliation with either vendor.

Nelson Pass doesn't think you need anything other than the cord supplied with his amps, but then, what does he know?

Though I have read, in a few places, that Pass Labs uses Silent Source power cords and cables to voice their products...and also in their demo rooms at audio shows...

Thanks everyone, was just looking into it and taking my time. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Didn’t want to start another cable war with everyone. I’m in no rush. Just looking around and looking at used at the moment. Right now the factory cord sounds fine. Biggest difference I’ve heard over the years is the Equitech son of q jr balance power supply in my system and also different dacs. Thanks 

I'm late to the party but there's nothing wrong with satisfying your curiosity by trying different power cords.As long as you can return them if they don't make a significant improvement. What I have found after trying quite a few brands on various components is often they eliminate noise you didn't realize was there until you hear it's absence.The only cord that literally wowed me on my tube amp but Did Not make a huge difference on the ss amp I tried it on was a silver cord from ZenWave Audio.It's a permanent resident here.The other after market cords  I kept are from Triode Wire Labs and Cullen Cable,not terribly expensive, but did no harm and eliminated noise.


Sorry to hear about your experience with AE cords. Since you’re willing to give them away, @duketbrd88 may take you up on your generosity.