Accuphase EQ, JVS and the challenges of the intermediate audiophile

Very interesting article here, not just because of the Accuphase DSP processor being used, but also because Jason Victor Serinus shares his frustrations and challenges with getting a good sounding room.

I find the description of the "smooth" setting in the DAC/EQ to be very much in line with what Floyd Toole seems to recommend:  A light touch which does not attempt to remake one pair of speakers into another speaker's image.

The Accuphase is fascinating not just for what it does, but for how it’s configured. There is no volume control, very few inputs, and I’m not sure if it even has convenient source switching. With its ADC and DAC, it seems designed to go between preamp and amp. That is a very traditional, analog-centric view (which may appeal to Accuphase’s customers).

If an owner uses the digital in and out, they have paid for a lot of circuitry they are not using. Would the DG-68 even be usable in that configuration with more than one source?

The DAC-Preamp with DSP seems to be an emerging form factor, one that makes sense for many. The Accuphase definitely is not in that mold!