Accuphase integrated amps - tape loop function?

Can anyone confirm or unequivocally deny whether the current Accuphase integrated amps have a tape loop function? I know they have Record/Play inputs/outputs but I've seen nothing in their brochures to indicate whether these inputs/outputs also provide tape loop functionality. My speakers require a tape loop (I have Merlin VSM-MXe's with Super BAM) and there doesn't appear to be that many "quality" integrated amps out there these days that provide tape loops along with remote control (another necessity). As as aside, knowing the earlier Rowland integrated amps do have tape loops, has anyone used the Rowland amps with a pair of Merlins? Thanks.
Frankly, I have no idea:

I have been using for a while the E550 with the Merlin VSM MXe to great success, very comarable to the Berning version, which says a lot for that great amp! but ultimately I could not stand the flash look of it, so passed it on. As it is, i did use it in both versions, as you can set it to "Monitor", i presume this is a tape loop, or am I wrong there?
I doubt that any of the other integrateds would do the Merlins justice, of course the E530 as well, or any of the Class A poweramps, from above 30Watts.