Accuphase JDM 220/110v conversion

I'm trying to figure out how to convert an Accuphase non-US voltage unit to US voltage.

I was told that this conversion can be done very easily

I was also told that some models don't need conversion and can run natively across the different voltages (i believe these were referenced as their early models circa 1970's)

Any insights would be appreciated.
I bought Accuphase A46 from Japan and convert from 100v to 220v without any problem. You just need some help from your local electrician and fuses , because if the wire was put into the wrong tap ,the fuse will blown, I blow 3 fuses before my amp got the correct tap.
Once you get the correct voltage , the amp really sing, don't use step down transformer, the different is night and day .
Hope this help