Acoustic BBQ “Doubled Smoked” USB cable

This is a huge shout out to Member GrannyRing’s USB cable recipe that was recently developed into an incredibly good USB cable called the “BBQ Double Smoked” your going to have to check out . 
I’m hear to tell you that I have NO desire to try any other cable brands or even listen to others suggestions of other USB cables , it did it for me so get off the cable merry go round and at the same time save a chunk of cash. .
I tried the Double Smoked with a Innuos Zenith mk3 server and Hydra Vox dac , I’m so satisfied and content with what I’m listening to now I’ve ordered a 2nd Double Smoked USB cable for the Innuos Phoenix which is a proprietary designed all in one box USB regenerator with power supplies and data clock .

Finally I don’t know GrannyRing “Bill” , he never ask me to indorse his cable ,  I’ve never conversed with him here on Audiogon or anywhere else privately or on other forums , I placed an order he sent me an invoice and that’s the extent of my interactions with GrannyRing ,..
Double Smoked BBQ love the name too.

It would be helpful for any potential buyers to know what other USB cables you've had in your system to compare them to as a point of reference. Thanks for sharing your impressions.
Bill_k sure I can understand that however the only other USB cable I did use prior to the purchase of the Double Smoked was a generic brand that came with the Innuos server.

Bill I usually ignore cabling at this price point all together however I thought to check it out over plain curiosity after reading a couple threads member grannyring participated in . With other considerations I could of easily started off with other USB cable’s selling for much , much more. However with a return policy I thought sure I’ll check it out ,..

Im highly confident with what I’m hearing grannyring has a bonifide stellar bang for the buck cable offering . 

I, too, am a big fan of Bill's(Grannyring) Double Smoked USB cable.
It bettered the  excellent Curious I had and even the Cerious Matrix cable (Although I have and love all the other Cerious Matrix cables).. All were good cables- Bill's just sounded more natural without losing detail.

Really, really nice and Bill is a great guy on top of that.

Interesting... I'm currently debating between the Double Smoked USB and an FTA Callisto for my Lampizator TRP.  I already have Duelund 12ga speaker wire, Bill's double smoked interconnects, and Duelund 12ga power wire with Connex plugs.  I had to take the power cables out because it was just too much of a good thing in my setup.  Wondering if adding the USB might also be too much.