Acoustic Research model 3 crossover network

I inherited a pair of Acoustic Research crossover networks for the Model 3 Limited Loudspeaker System, They look complex and expensive. Dated (1992) They consist of two boards each: Low frequency board measures 16" X 6", has 16 capacitors & a 5" diameter choke (p/n 8110580 rev c) the mid + high band board measures 12" X 6" has 7 caps, 3 chokes & 4, 10 watt resistors (p/n 8110590 rev c) They are labeled with the engineers names: David V. Day: Chief Engineer, David Cahill: Project Engineer, Carol Catalano: Industrial Design. I'm searching for any data I can find, I think they are crossing at 500 hz & 5000 hz @ 8 ohms, but I would like to find the schematics and technical data to see if they would be a good match for my Klipsch Cornwalls.