Acoustic Zen Absolute cables with Wilson Alexia?

I have just taken delivery of a pair of Wilson Audio Alexia’s. I am currently using an existing pair of Acoustic Zen Absolute cables. Trying to figure out if this is a good fit. I have made some many changes to my system lately I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Anyone out there have any experience with these cables or any insight as to this combination?
Give your speakers time to break in. Get familiar with the sound, then think about speaker cables, to many changes at once can be confusing, and leave you chasing your own tail.
I started purchasing and demoing their cables in my system after reading many great reviews and because I was somewhat disappointed and "searching" for a different and better sound. I had Transparent Reference (MM2) everywhere--power, interconnects, speaker cables... I mean, these are world-class cables and very expensive. It all sounded very flat (depth-wise, not left to right), recessed, and dark. The timbre of things seemed off, especially with cymbals and guitars. Another problem was that Transparent no longer offers a true bi-wire speaker cable.

I first replaced my speaker cables with two full runs per speaker of the Satori AZ. It was a huge difference. I finally, for the first time, got depth and volume. Things sounded more real and organic. With such good results, I purchased AZ Absolute Copper, Silver, and a power cable to try. My experience with the Absolute power cable versus the Transparent Reference power cable was the same as the speaker cable switch. It is clearly better sounding to me--more relaxed, more open sounding, more realistic.

The Absolute Copper and Silver versus the Transparent interconnects has been a harder call. I even just got a new Generation 5 Reference cable to demo. I keep going back and forth between the setups, and there are benefits to each. The Transparent interconnects are more dynamic and have more energy (slightly), and they sound slightly warmer. I find that vocals emerge from nothing, though. They have a very silent background. I like the Copper better than the Silver AZ, but I settled on Copper for my source and Silver from the preamp to amp, which seemed to be a better fit (Silver was too bright on the source but opened up imaging on the amp). The AZ setup is very dynamic also, don't get me wrong. Vocals sound mic'ed, and there is a presence to the singer because of room information coming through. Timbre sounds a little more realistic. They ultimately sound a little cooler but not harsh at all or bright, really (unless put up against something else, nothing that would pop out on its own). These comparisons are without looking at price at all. Looking at the Transparent interconnects costing 3 times as much per run, the case is really made for AZ. They are phenomenal for the money. I'm sure there is better, but if would cost many times what the AZ costs, if that matters.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I'm interested to see what you have tried instead by now.
About a year ago my system was wired with the Absolute silver interconnect and the matching speaker cables.
I also owned the Guargantua II power cord.
In my system they sounded very dynamic and full, with an almost playful musicality that served all music types well.
I did not find them to sound cold at all, but this was I think partly because of their fullness and my system.
Details were given a almost rounded quality without giving the impression that they sounded rolled off.
All in all quite natural.

The only thing that made me sell them in the end was that they do not reveal as much detail and sound as open as some other brands I have owned.
The recording space was just not as much transported to my room as I would like.
What did you prefer, Barto? I'm curious and always looking to hear what else might be better. I agree with your statements.
Jwseitz, sorry for my late reply.

I found what I was looking for in the new HiDiamond line.
They sound very engaging and involving and at the same time reveal everything I wish for.

I did not even need to go to their topmodel to achieve this.