Acoustic zen adiago vs. other $ 2k speakers?

I currently own Alon II speakers and after reading reviews think the Acoustic zen adiago's are a significant improvement?

What do users of the adiago's think?

What other used or new speakers costing 2k or less would compete to provide a balanced natural sound with good base and 3-D presentation? Would higher models of Alon or Nola, Gemme, Gershman, or Shahinian models be better?

I have a Mccormack DNA-1 silver moddified with Herron VTSP 1A 166, Jolida 100cdp.
I own the Adagios, but they are 4500, NOT 2000, still amazing sound for the buck, highly recommended, as far I have read, and have compared too, you will need to spend about 8000-10,000 to obtain the same qualityj
i owned the Adagios too, second hand I think they are near $2000 and they always seem to be on sale. I agree with Kappa11, very good value, even full price. Fast detailed good imaging. I had to more than double the price to significantly improve on them