Acoustic Zen Double Barrel vs Grover Huffman

I'm looking to put the finishing touch on my system with a good set of speaker cables and interconnects. I would like to have plenty of detail, neutrality and balance. My speakers are the new Usher BE20's, amplifier is the Edge NL 12.1, with a Dehavilland Mercury II preamp. Fast, accurate and musical---if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add those also. Thanks in advance!
I don't know these names...Double Barrel vs. Grover Huffman? What is this, a shotgun wedding? ;^)
I have 2 sets of interconnects by Grover. I can recommend them. They sound great and the price is right. He is revising them all the time - be aware of this, if it makes you nervous.

I have not heard his speaker cables in my system.

I've had Grover's speaker cables in my system for about 6 monyhs and am very happy with them - especially considering the price! Grovers cables replaced audience au24 speaker cables in my system. I found Grovers to be fuller sounding and more detailed . By the way I've got the upgrade bug and if you are interested I can sell you the 8' pair at a good price.