Acoustic Zen - Hologram ii vs Satori


Seeking feedback on AZ speaker cables and the differences between these two. 
I have a warmish , not too hyper revealing system and would like to gain a bit more clarity but also keep that tubey midrange I already have.

Has anyone here done a direct comparison between these two offerings?




I have the hologram 2 now and had the satori on loan. I didn't hear much of a diff. Very subtle if any. The only problem I have is the damn spades are a pain. I got an adaptor to switch to banana because I have three amps and the cables are so stiff and heavy the banana comes out of the socket if I am not careful. Otherwise the sound is transparent. I tried Kirmuss cable but the litz braiding caused a problem with the crossover in my Devore's.  If you are in Indy area you can listen to them at my place if you want


@j_andrews I had both but it was a long time ago. I remember Satori was better but it still retains the warm sound signature of AZ. Have you considered introducing AZ Silver Ref II between your source and preamp? That will open the top end a bit. The combination I was running was Silver II between cdp and pre, Matrix II between pre and amp, Satori sp cables. It sounded excellent. 


Interesting, I hadn't really thought of changing my interconnects.  I've been happy with the Triode Wire Labs Spirit ii RCA's in between the pre and power amp as well as between the dac and pre.  But that is something to think about.

I believe the Hologram ii is higher up in the line than the Satori ...Seems like more praise for the Hologram ii.

@johnah5 are both the hologram and satori very stiff?

surprised to hear the spades are a you have pretty normal sized standard binding posts on your amp and speakers?

My Satori were bi-wire and more expensive than the regular run due to how Robert Lee configures his true biwire speaker cables.
But regardless, These worked better with my B&W N803 speakers I had at the time. one other note…I have found that AZ interconnects work better as a set rather than mix ‘n match. This was the case with Silver/Matrix, Matrix/ Matrix and the full Absolute Copper set. Mixing in a different cable before or after the Zens can screw up  the tonal balance. So keep that in mind. Your TWL interconnects are probably holding you back.