add differents tubes pair for amp ?

Hello, I only have to add it for a few days until I receive the new quartet, 4 tubes. Now i have used pair Mullard el84 and pair Silvania. How would they put them? interleaved per channel or 2 M on one channel and 2 S on the other? Thank you


You should specify the amp you're using them in. Yeah, I would use matching brands on each of the push-pull pairs. E.g. Mullards on L and Sylvania on R. It's not ideal but it can work OK in a pinch. Of course if the pairs are not well electrically matched, I'd just wait until the quad. Heck, I would probably just wait until the new quad anyways. 

My amp would bias them but most wouldn't and if you have autobias it probably can't handle mixed tubes.  that is why matched quads are so popular.