Add External DAC or Upgrade to a New Streamer / DAC?

So upgrade-itis has struck again and I'm looking to improve my digital front end. Right now I am using the HiFi Rose RS250 (Quobuz - Roon - Ethernet - HiFiRose) which is fed into a PrimaLuna Evo 400 Integrated into GoldenEar Triton One.Rs Cardas and Wireworld interconnects and cables. My question is this. In order to achieve a marked improvement in digital sound quality (and being that I enjoy the look and interface of the Rose) is there an external DAC you would recommend running the Rose through (as cost effective as possible - pre-owned or demo preferred) or is there a Streamer / Dac combo product that would be the smarter upgrade move. I'd appreciate any input / advice. Thanks!

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Many keen observations there. The synergy of the Primaluna with the GoldenEars is very good for basically the exact reasons you mentioned. It plays out in reality the way you explained it in theory. I've gotten there through a lot of trial and error with different pieces so I'm happy with those. In terms of Cardas I like those cables with the turntable and the Kimber Kable with the digital. To answer your question specifically, I'm at the point where I'm ready to really improve either my vinyl or digital front end but I only have the funds for one. I'm going digital for numerous reasons including OCD tendencies and funds. I can afford a good dac now to pair with the Rose. Or I could save for a better streamer / dac. After the input here I'm leaning toward separate dac. I actually prefer the sound of vinyl overall. My ears are a bit sensitive to very crisp sound especially treble. So what I'm trying to improve is the richness / fullness / warmth / smoothness of the digital. As close to the stereotypical attributes of good vinyl sound as possible with the variety and convenience of Quobuz / Roon.  




Thanks for the question and observation. I have done a ton setting up the room. It's not perfect but it's definitely as good as I can get it. My modest vinyl front end is letting me hear the system is capable of a lot more with a better digital front end so that's what I'm trying to capture. 

Keep the streamer and DAC separate, and sell the Rose and upgrade your streamer when you get the chance.  You’ll be much better off.