ADD POWR Sorcer X4, Apprentice and Symphony I/O

After testing and using for six months the SORCER X4, APPRENTICE and several SYMPHONY I/O’s for video and music. I‘m amazed at the improvements to my system. My Sony 65” television has the best picture I have ever watched with these units. In my own opinion these products are a necessity for the best possible home theater system. Not only does the video experience improve, but the sound improves too. It lowers the noise floor, adds detail and depth to the listening experience. Do yourself a favor and talk with Bill about this technology. He’s a great guy to explain how this magic works.


Great post. Indeed, it takes good sound up another level or two...excellence and more.

ADD/Powr just realeased a new product call the Powr Bar. It's a cool looking power strip with 8 Furutech gold sockets and ElectraClear circuitry (equivalent to 2 eau2s).  Worth checking out and on sale for less than $500!