Add-Powr Symphony Pro vs. Telos Q.N.R. vs. Audio Magic Large P.E.A.?

I've had good luck with QRT Symphony Pro units (as well as Electraclear units, Bybee QSE's, and Audio Magic power conditioners all using technology meant to produce similar effects), and I have been noticed QRT is revived under Add-Powr and has a newer revised Symphony Pro unit. As well I noticed Audio Magic's P.E.A. units and Telos' Q.N.R. unit are both meant to produce the same effect.
I was wondering whether anyone has compared any of these units (the old QRT Symphony Pro as well if someone has compared these to that particular unit) to one another, perhaps not all but maybe compared a couple of them, or at least has any experience with the Add-Powr, Telos, and Audio Magic units? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.