ADD POWR X4, Apprentice and Symphony Pro’s

I believe after testing and using for six months the ADD X4 along with the Apprentice and several Symphony Pro’s for music and video I amazed at the improvements. My audio system as been transformed and my Sony 65” television has the best picture I have ever watch on this tv. In my own opinion these are a necessity to any high end system. The music sounds so real with detail and depth. You will not hear the potential of your system without them!


I have several eau2, eau4 and Symphony Pros. I agree to posts above. A couple of Symphony Pros behind my TV or in my technical room close to internet modem, router and switch has elevated the performance for streaming video. Of course stereo/audio is improved accordingly.

I now have an Apprentice on order and can´t wait to find out what this will do!:)

ADD/Powr just realeased a new product call the Powr Bar. It's a cool looking power strip with 8 Furutech gold sockets and ElectraClear circuitry equivalent to 2 eau2s.

Worth checking out for less than $500.

I just ordered the ADD/POWR bar for my Modem, EtherRegen, After Dark Clock and power supply. I will also plug in to it a Telos and a Puron.


I would like to know the results of using the Powr Bar with those components.