Adding DAC to 5-Disc changer

Hello to all-I am considering trying out a DAC for the digital output of my Denon-DVM 4800 which is utelized for all music & HT DVD viewing-does anyone have thoughts &/or suggestions as to where/how to start looking for possible candidates? to review & filter,
are there specifications I should keep in mind for priorities...certain name brands...DAC processors that have reputations as great performers?-Thank You in advance!
Knowing your budget and sonic preferences (musical, analytical,etc.) would be helpful.
I would hope to start out cheap ....maybe $100-150.00 & decide from current system is a parasound amp & processor w/axiom audio speakers & blue jeans interconnects & cables..i'm a rock fan but enjoy some blues ,country & jazz..i'm really seeking great presence & soundstaging..detail,shimmer & decay
Try an MSB Link Dac, they go for around $150. or so used depending on the version (I,II or III, they are all 24/96). Involving with good presence, good bass. No real weakness for the money. I use mine with a 5 disc changer(Aiwa XC-37M). Try to leave the transport and dac on at all times to sound there best. Good luck!
I just got the MSB Link Dac III. It's a serious upgrade from the Denon 1920 and I expect will improve my Sony changer. I'm with a small version of my setup as I'm working out of town for the next 11 weeks. I hated the sound out of the Denon and had the MSB sent to me just today. It's just warming up...