Adding Esoteric G-03X Clock to X03-SE cd player


I've got an Esoteric X03-SE cd player and am considering getting the G-03X master clock. Has anyone heard this combo, and can you tell me what improvements you heard?

these are the improvements you would expect from adding an external clock;

1.More naturalness i.e. closer to analogue .This you would not be able to hear if you use class D amp.

2.More air and space around the instuments.

3.Better timing to the music.

as you can seen ,these are not slap in your face differance that dealers generally love to demo,but crucial IMO to long term system satisfactions.

Generally ,the above benefits are seen in most digital player,BUT more so in Esoterics machines.

Most Esoterics owners in Japan match their gears with Tubes amps,(Not digital amp )
Fafafion - I don't question that you hear what your hear, but I was wondering how you could possibly know what MOST Esoteric users in Japan were purchasing and how they match their systems? Just curious.

Some single box players can benefit from reclocking data when slaved to a superior external clock. That is why some have clock I/O connections. The performance of these units will improve when the data is clocked at a more precise rate. If the internal clock of the single box player is superior to that of the external clock then it reults in worse sound. Timing errors are also present in some single box players where the drives and DACs are not clocked at the same rate.

Digital separates without both synching is fraught with timing errors that can result in less than stellar sound quality.

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To OA Sonuga,
I agree that clocking can improve the performance.

However, my objection is to one of the respondents who recommends that the brand in question should not be purchased without an external clock.

That is simply untrue and illustrates a complete lack of understanding in regards to the manufacturer's totality of offerings.

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