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upgrade tube for SF line 2
6550c,There's been a lot discussed in these forums regarding the critical matched pair locations in the Line 2, if I remember correctly, the LV2-V2 set are the most critical followed by LV1-V1 and LV3-V3 being the least critical. Each pair of sock... 
upgrade tube for SF line 2
The Line 2 tubes have to be matched sets. I believe that your symptoms point to unmatched tubes. 
Adding Esoteric G-03X Clock to X03-SE cd player
Gentlemen,Some single box players can benefit from reclocking data when slaved to a superior external clock. That is why some have clock I/O connections. The performance of these units will improve when the data is clocked at a more precise rate. ... 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
Tbg,You are right, to address the residual noise present on a dedicated requires a conditioner whose output is quieter than that of the dedicated line. Conditioners capable of this are, indeed, rare and truly special, but they do exist. 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
Shaunp,That's a shame because all power conditioners are not created equal. Even dedicated lines can benefit from well designed power conditioners. Some filtration components sold as power conditioners don't deliver quality power. 
Biwire with different cables?
Actually, bi-wiring with a low impedance cable can improve the damping factor of your amp and deliver more current to the woofers in a 3-way system. The lower the impedance the more benefit you get, so using factors other than impedance may not ne... 
Review: Audio Valve Eklipse Tube preamp
Hello Teajay,The Eklipse has a self biasing system that automatically matches the level of all four tubes, I have used 12au7 and 12ax7 combinations before without a problem. I have several systems that I use in different combinations from time to ... 
Review: Audio Valve Eklipse Tube preamp
Hello Teajay,I haven't used Amperex tubes in the Eklipse, I have a few cryoed tubes that I auditioned in the Eklipse and kept. My favorites are Siemens 12ax7s, but I also have the following that I also like on the Eklipse:Telefunken 12ax7 SPTelefu... 
Review: Audio Valve Eklipse Tube preamp
Hello Teajay,Great review of the Eklipse, it is indeed a great preamp, IMO. I was the friend that Mike Wright mentioned in his review, I've owned my Eklipse since 2000 and it's been my favorite eventhough I own other more expensive preamps also. I... 
Bi-amping mark-Daniel Maximus: Mind-blowing
Audiofeil,So did you get to try the M&D speakers, if so, what is your opinion regarding their performance?Plelko 
Size matters...need smaller speakers
Tboooe,You may want to look into Mark & Daniel monitor speakers, they will suit your needs and you don't really need to use them with a subwoofer.Cheerio,Plelko 
Sales: truth in weight?
Chadnliz,Sorry your majesty, I was only trying to shed some light on Sc53 comments earlier in the post. You always have a choice not to purchase from sellers who you believe are attempting to get rich off of your hard earned money. So, instead of ... 
Sales: truth in weight?
A lot of people that list on e-bay reduce the sale amount and transfer it to the shipping charge to save money on e-bay's listing fees which is based on the value of the listed item. It is not a scam and a lot of bidders recognize that. 
Are NBS cables are sound better than Nordost ?
Hello Leon,You are right, the big sound is what so many audiophiles crave and that is what most cable companies supply. This phenom is so entrenched that some audiophiles think that the big sound is actually more neutral or correct.Plelko 
SS amp mosfet 'haze' - ever experienced this?
Hey Grant,No, I didn't, but did you hear this one, "Who is the best rapper of all time, MOS-FET!" I feel like George Constanza in the episode about the shrimp joke.