Adona audio Racks. Anybody use them?

I’ve been eyeing one of their 4 shelve reference stands to replace my Billy Bags stand due to height restrictions between shelves. They seem of high quality at fare price point?

Thanks Hiendmmoe  
I purchased the eris6dw double wide rack a year ago.  I upgraded the platforms to the cherry trim and the top two to the larger size for my turntables.  Beautiful rack, very solid, and inert.  It has replaced a Billy Baggs rack.  
I have the Adona Signature 4 shelf model. While shopping around for a rack the AS seemed to me, theoretically at least, as the best design in isolating the shelves from one another. Of course what clinched my buying decision was that a used set came up for sale at half price. Supposedly it was purchased for use at an audio show for a weekend. I admit the Reference is more visually appealing, but I do like the black, and my eyes are closed more times than not.        Good luck in finding a rack that makes you happy!
I may add, for others, search my rack and see the design. Each shelf has cones on leg bottom. Then each has a concave on the top. They only SIT inside. The racks are very sturdily built, and with added weight of components all is very sound. But they do just SIT upon each other. A pic of them will show this. I am very happy with this.
I own a Zero SR4 rack: .  I like the fact that one can position its shelves literally anywhere within its confines.  It does a great job of supporting and isolating my 120 lb. turntable.  And as mentioned above, Adona's shelf isolation design seems to be theoretically sound.   

I agree with your assessment that they are high quality at a reasonable price point.