ADS L990 with what Amp?

Trying to match my ADS L990 with the right integrated amp. I listen to a lot of jazz, classical, instrumental and vocals. Currently have it hooked up to my trusty Technics receiver from the mid 80's and it sounds good. But i am trying to upgrade my amp. I prefer the easy listening sound that new england speakers are known for, but looking for an amp thats warm, yet has kick, laid back yet dynamic. I do not have the idealic living room. Currently looking at Luxman L505u, Anthem 225, Rogue cronus tube amp, and Yamaha A-s2000
I ran a set of 710's with a Jolida tube integrated ... it was very nice. Soft domes and tubes ... it was a very laid back sound, great with my digital files. You might want to bump up the power a little for the L990's. I love the ADS sound ...
I had a pair of ADS L1090s for nearly 10 years and tried several amplifiers with them. If you want larger ADS's to sing, you really need a high current SS amp, preferably with high power as well. An '80s Technics receiver? Naah. Jolida tube amp? For the mids and highs, maybe, but it'll short-change you at least a half octave in bass extension, let alone control. For an integrated, I'd look into the Anthem 225, something with power *and* current.

I had been using a Vector Research receiver with mine--it's fairly high current, for a receiver--60 wpc into 8 ohms, 90 into 4 ohms. Then I hooked up a VSP Labs Trans MOS Gold Edition power amp--50 lbs., 200 wpc, stable into 0 ohms, and the speakers came alive. Suddenly there was bass. The midrange and treble took on a liquid, more organic sound.

You may want to consider separates; I would look into Parasound, either the Classic Series or Halo, whichever fits your budget and equipment rack.