Ads with no picture WTF??

I see quite a few ads that don't have a pic, would anyone buy a piece of gear from someone too lazy to take a few good pictures? Or how about the people who post a stock picture Jeez..
yeah I gave up a couple times I tried to post before. Just wouldn't work.

I'll have to try again but I still don't care for this "new" audiogon.
If I am comfortable with the seller and I know the product I couldn't care less whether or not there is a picture. Most of the pictures don't reveal the flaws anyway and sellers can con you if that's what they want to do. I received two items in the last year that were really bad even though the pictures looked fine. Fortunately the sellers were willing to take the equipment back and refund my money, but it cost me shipping. A pair of speakers cost me $100 in shipping just to find out they were beat to crap. The next speakers I bought were new. I decided I like new stuff.
I'm sorry that fellow audio goners are having trouble downloading pictures. I would encourage you take a tutorial on the basics. I have been a member for many years and the new website was a change. We are all creatures of habit, but we must challenge ourselves and put our focus on learning and open our minds. Please don't assume that this valuable website has thrown us under the bus. It is still the most awesome website for us enthusiates. Love the GON!
A picture may be helpful, but not always. I've seen a number of pictures of electronics showing the face plate only, recessed in an equipment rack and taken in dim light. Pictures of the back of electronics can be more helpful, if they verify the seller's description of the model or upgrade version and the country for which the unit was produced.

I agree with Rrog that pictures aren't very helpful in disclosing small blemishes. I'd rather see a detailed list of nicks, scratches, rubbed lettering and other blems.

More important than what they allow you to see, good pictures indicate a level of seller conscientiousness and care that are reassuring.
Glad I'm not alone. I've had problems with posting pics as well. I've had numerous ads where the pictures did post and then disappeared and some ads where the pics would not post at all. I had included my email address so folks could contact me for pics but recently was told if I did not remove it my ads would be deleted.

To the poster above suggesting it's user error, not the case here. The issues folks have go way beyond adjusting to change. Much of the marketplace is just not functional.

I no longer post here regularly due to the excessive moderation that has been implemented and doubt this one will ever see the light of day. It's been months now since this mess started and I'm still really troubled by the loss of community.