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Best female vocal recording on CD?
Anita Baker CD My EverythingSade CD The Best OfJoe Sample featuring Lalah Hathaway CD The Song Lives OnJoss Stone CD The Soul SessionsAretha Franklin CD So Damn HappyRandy Crawford & Joe Sample CD Feeling GoodThese CD'sĀ are all well recorded. ... 
Allman Brothers Band -- Shades of Two Worlds
I too am approaching 60, and have been a huge fan of the Allman Brothers, especially Gregg. His vocals spoke pain and sadness justly felt as he lived the life of a broken soul. Please read his book My Cross To Bear. He and Betts did some remarkabl... 
Great Saxophone Artists and Albums
Gerald Albright (live at Birdland West) and Kirk Whalum (For You) Saw them play together, what a great show. Top notch players for many years. 
Best High Efficiency Bookshelf Speakers to buy
Listening to B&W 685's front ported speakers now in my second system! The clarity is fantastic, for very little money. Plenty of positive reviews. 
B&W 803D - Best amplifiers to drive them
A substantial difference from 803d to 802d. If you can afford it buy the 802. I've owned and enjoyed the 803d for many years. I used a mcintosh 252 amp and c45 preamplifier. When I got the upgrade itch, went to the 802 diamond, and a 402 amp (same... 
B&W 802 Diamonds
Congratulations on your purchase. You might consider a better amp. The 404 100 watt car amp is not giving you the full potential. 
Alvin Lee dead at 68
One of the great "slow blues" Spider in my web" ....waiting to catch a fly. Very sad 68 is way to young. Uncle Jam RIP. 
A clue for the clueless
I personally don't view the auctions when I log on. IMO the seller is not serious about selling, but fishing. I especially like pictures loaded sideways. Also pictures of expensive equipment on a dingy couch irk me. 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
My thoughts are that b&w 800 series are awesome! When I first heard b&w I thought they sounded tinny with no bass. I was a paradigm man. This was around 1999 or so. I was using top of the line yamaha receivers and studio 40's then 80's and... 
Bowers and Wilkins 805s, use as TV speakers ??????
My thoughts use tv ears about $50.00. And forget about it. 
Best recorded rock song ?
Any song on Jeff Kollman's album Shedding Skin. My favorite is Blues for Pop. Fantastic guitarest and very well recorded. 
Ads with no picture WTF??
I hated it at first, but I kept logging on to see if it had improved. I got used to the changes and eventually listed an item. I believe in pictures also and was worried about listing but I had no problems. The picture downloaded from my documents... 
Can I bridge Rotel RB 1080
Color the sound? McIntosh makes you feel the music! You will feel it in your chest, and it will involve you in the music that the artist intended for you to feel. Please don't listen to a salesman that doesn't sell McIntosh. Listen and feel the jo... 
Ads with no picture WTF??
I'm sorry that fellow audio goners are having trouble downloading pictures. I would encourage you take a tutorial on the basics. I have been a member for many years and the new website was a change. We are all creatures of habit, but we must chall... 
Can I bridge Rotel RB 1080
Welcome to the big leagues. B&W 800's - $24,000.00 (retail) Rotel rb 1080 (used) $600.00 just doesn't make sense and you will not get the sound the 800's can produce as you indicated. Please do yourself a favor and shop for a new amp and pre, ...