advice for lenco turntable


Just bought on audiogon used lenco tt and needed advice on tt mat
And record clamp that works well

The spindle makes it a bit hard to get some records off after listening
So want recommendation for lenco specifically

I have a couple that wobble a bit so clamp may help for variety of reasons


You might want to contact Albert Porter. He had posted an excellent account of his Lenco rebuild project and may have some good suggestions and or resources.
I've used a Herbies type 2 mat and a Boston Audio Mat 1 on my Lenco. Can't decide yet which is best in my system. Herbie's is more mellow; BA gives a bit more detail. I think it's a matter of personal preference, so buy a couple of cheap ones and try them. Also, rumor has it that the stock Lenco mat is darn good. Most Lenco-nians don't use a clamp. I am using my Sota clamp as a record weight; I don't fasten the clamp to the spindle. I really can't hear much diff with or without the Sota clamp (used as a weight).
Don't mess with a clamp,the Lenco doesn't need it.
Also, I would not spend $ on a mat, some of us Lenco crazies glue the original mat to the platter.
I doubt very much that putting $ in the 2 tweaks above will improve your sonics. However, if you do go that route, please post your findings.
With the money you save, buy some albums.
Hope you like the great L75!