Advice on Setting Up System After Storage

Curious as to anyone's advice on setting up your system after it has been in storage. Reason for storage is that we moved across the country and belongings have been in storage for the last 7 months. I personnally disassembled and packed everything in their original cartons. Am curious as to break in times. Will everything have to go through an extended break in period before the system begins to sound wonderful again. System consist of Rowland, Sonus Faber, Clearaudio, Benz Micro, ZYX, and Siltech. Thanks for your input. Dave
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Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for the note and advice. Agreed, the system has not been in storage for a long time. Biggest issue was moving during the winter and the travel over the mtns. Needless to say things got pretty cold in the trailer according to the driver. My thoughts are that the cables will take the longest time to break in. My local audio store where we use to live thought things should move ok with the proper packing. All things being equal and knowing how these items are usually shipped they should survive the move pretty well.
From my experience (I have job related moves every couple of years), I suggest giving all of the components a day or two in a warm dry environment to get rid of condensation, before powering-up.

If you are like me, it takes a couple of weeks of moving the speakers to "tune" them to the new space. By then all of the components, cables, etc, should be settled in.

Hello Dave,

Agree with your advice as well. Most likely we will be busy unpacking everything else before I even get to the system. Will probably take a couple of days. Biggest issue will be placing the speakers and finding the right spot for tuning them in. Any suggestions, or just use my ears as I always have.

There arent 8 people here who are going to wait more than 30 minutes to setup and turn it on with the possible exception of tube people.If you have compressed air give the innards a shot and look for seepage,then do a visual[bent casework].If not have lunch and turn volume on real slow after checking connections.If your coming out of Alaska in January let it come to room temp overnight.You are correct,use your ears and other applicable senses before engaging power.It helps to pretend your Casey Jones at times like this,cheers,Bob