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Is speaker accuracy important for a rock speaker?
Help. Wife says Teres 340 Is too bright.
Change wives. 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Bob MarleyBeatlesDavid BowieLou ReedSuper Session (Bloomfield & Kooper)HendrixLed ZepPink FloydPatti SmithCold Blood 
Looking for speaker recommendations under $5K
I am also a big fan of dipole planer speakers. So much so that I do not see myself going back to box enclosed speakers.Take a look at Emerald Physics CS-2's, they can be had for less than $1,900 used. They require bi-amping but you are already the... 
Your Best Vinyl Memory
Watching as a friend, that recently had made some good natured, but unbelieving comments about my vinyl rig, listed to The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Once he regained his composure he said that although he had heard the CD many times and that it was... 
best Integrated amp under 4000$
LFD Mistral. It is to my ears as close to tubes as you can get without the problems/challenges of tubes.Beautiful sound. 
Are you in the over 30 K club??
Right at $30K (almost all purchased lightly used) and about 25% of it is in the closet (rainy day, just in case, but honey I really need an integrated amp, etc.). 
Is too much power in an amp really a problem?
Blindjim:You have asked a couple of times for impressions of the sound of an ICE amp. Here goes; my Wyred-4-Sound with everything listed in my system, sounds CLEAN. I do not hear the amp as a separate component.Prior to the W4S I was running the E... 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Many of those above plus Lydia Pense aka Cold Blood. 
Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
The best I have heard is the LFD Mistral. 
speakers that rock
I second the Emerald Physics and with their new model hitting the streets, a good buy can be had on lightly used CS2's. 
Dedicated phono-pre for MM only?
Correction:I just checked Herron's site and they have discontinued the dedicated MM phono-pre and now have a combination MM/MC with variable loading provided by changeable plugs.Interesting looking answer to a common concern. 
Dedicated phono-pre for MM only?
Herron Audio makes a tube MM Phono Pre-amp. I have not heard it, but I have been using their MC Phono-pre for a number of years (on my second set of tubes), and I have never (yes, never) heard one that was better. As with all things audio, YMMV.Dave 
Advice on Setting Up System After Storage
From my experience (I have job related moves every couple of years), I suggest giving all of the components a day or two in a warm dry environment to get rid of condensation, before powering-up.If you are like me, it takes a couple of weeks of mov... 
Is too much power in an amp really a problem?
If the amp sounds good to your ears, there is only one potential problem. You have to keep drunk/impaired friends away from the volume control.I lost a good pair of Jamo's that way. And the amp was only 75 watts into 8 ohms.Currently my Emerald Ph...