Advice on using a dac with my avr

I have a marantz cinema 60. I bought an Anthem mca 325 gen II

To power my L&R speakers which i use for music listening. Does it make sense to place a dac between my preouts and my amp and use pure or pure direct mode for music?  The marantz has i dac but from what ive learned its not very good. 

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Several other very experienced members gave you the same feedback and advice on your previous thread on the same topic in a different category — you just apparently fail to accept or comprehend it. You know you just wanna use your AVR as a preamp, so just do it and stop asking the same question in different forums looking for someone to affirm what you want the answer to be. You’re just gonna keep getting the same answer here from people who are speaking from hard-won experience and know what they’re talking about whether you wanna accept/hear it or not.

Oh my gosh, can you imagine someone discussing an audio/video receiver in the home theater section of this website?

What makes sense is to get an anthem STR preamplifier. This will allow you to bypass the studio 60. Have the same issue you are experiencing, and I am in the process of saving up for a parasound preamplifier as this is a budget option for me. I have had more than one expert Tell me this is the way if you were going to combine your home theater with your two channel system. 

My take:

the MARANTZ AVR is the weak point and known compromise in your HT system performance for maximizing your 2-channel audio music enjoyment.

Both @soix and @gkelly both have a valid point IMO. The preamp in any AVR is primarily focused on HT with its artificial multichannel glitzy features at the distinct and not insignificant compromise for 2-channel audio performance maximization.

At what pricepoint of external DAC are you considering to add in ? Inserting an external quality build DAC representative of the same build and price-point strata of the rest of your system, but still using the direct outs pathway from the AVR preamp, won’t provide you a meaningful 2-channel audio performance step-up you seek. ( if any ).

Similarly, in the context of $$ paid versus value received, I am highly skeptical that a more modest budget class external DAC won’t provide that “aha!” or “Jesus moment “ stepup from what you have in the AVR now.

Budgets matter big-time for sure…we all face that $$ compromise in our journey down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City in Audio OZ. Until you can comfortably consider a proper upstream reworking of your HT audio system for added performance emphasis for 2-channel audio , I would live with what you have now.

This crazy hobby maximization is a journey and not a quick shortcut destination.
Good luck, sir , and choose wisely.