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Loud pop/screech when powering on amp
@kingbr  Fidelis Audio is in Nashua and is an excellent bricks and mortar audio store.  For a small processing fee they will pass the amp along for repair to Jim Fuller whose shop is Fuller Sound out of Waltham, MA. I just used Jim to update the... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
@tomic601  A boat is just a tool for chasing fish Agree 100%, grew up a couple of miles from Seal Beach, CA and spent every available minute fishing and surfing off Seal Beach and Huntington Beach piers.  Now freshwater. @carlsbad2  @jetter... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
@carlsbad2  Well, this thread went deep into the ditch. Not accurate, this thread started 6 feet under and stayed there.  OPs original post asks for the best DAC anyone has heard.  In his next post he mentions it's the DAC he currently owns.  ... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
Ergo, folks who pronounce that there is no point period in a $25K DAC don’t own a high-end system and should avoid making blanket statements about expensive hifi gear if they want to avoid sounding like the guy with the smallest *yacht at the pos... 
Questions about Musical Fidelity M5si Integrated
Why would you still buy from MF after receiving such terrible customer service?  
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@paoz A good question I think others are curious about.  Another poster asked this early on, I easily may have missed it, but I don’t remember it being addressed.  Maybe it will be included in the online review.  
Had anyone listened to Ken Fritz's system in person?
I am pretty sure that the video I am remembering was by Ken F.  In the video he goes through a bunch of his equipment, its inspiration, creation and performance.  At the end of the video he smiles, and relates how at the end of a recent session pl... 
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
@ozzy62 Not to mention that I was among a of group people here who he accused of contacting the Washington State board that oversees x-ray techs and complained that he was providing substandard service and either had him barred or almost barred ... 
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@soix +1 Can't wait to hear some A'gon user reviews of these speakers.  
The Music Room
You are trading receiving less $s than if you sell a piece of equipment yourself for not having the potential nightmares that can occur if you sell yourself and the equipment is damaged in route or the buyer is a rip off artist.  
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
@ozzy62  Not sure who you think you are sitting in your ivy tower and telling anyone else how to think or what is sad or not. But you will notice I said disliked very much, not hate.  Big difference.  In this case dislike very much is when I thi... 
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
There has only been one person on A'gon that I disliked so much because....well take my word for it, I disliked him.  Since MC liked Tekton, I didn't.  Then when Eric Alexander started posting he was thinking of litigation against some here it pre... 
Help with XLR ICs.
The rule of thumb with Mogami is that they are competitive with audio replay cables at the same price level. Agree. The mogami and canare target market are artists making and recording music as a profession.  
Help with XLR ICs.
@audphile1  @bigwave1 I agree. Mogami mic cables will work just fine. Similar to how Civic size wheels and tires will work on a Porsche if you can find rims that fit the logs. Yea, but: WHY MOGAMI? There's a reason why Mogami is called "The... 
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
I think that OPs continued writing about jay and his videos is creepy.