Advice Please On Speaker Cables For Vintage Advent Large

Thanks in advance for any replies.  I have four large Advent vintage speakers that I'm powering with a vintage Yamaha CA-1000 integrated amp. I would like to go bare wire on the amp end and small spades on the speaker end to fit those screw posts. I'm looking at two 7-8 feet runs per side and am currently using very old Monster Cable that did duty in my old home theater set up. I listen to my vintage system once in awhile so not looking at expensive cable but good cable that will not want me upgrading soon.   Thanks.  
Some vintage Western Electric 10 awg speaker wire would be all you would need and would probably sound great.  You can terminate it or simply twist it and use bare wire.  The folks from SPEC Corporation say the vintage Western Electric wire has an "artistic and organic sound quality" or something they call "real sound."  The tinned Duelund wire sounds similar and may be easier to find but my (slight) preference remains for the sound of the WE wire.

I have tried the 16, 14, and 10 awg WE wire and they are all cut from the same sonic cloth but I like the simplicity of how the 10 awg wire comes as a twisted pair and of course the larger size, i.e., more copper, but I have large SS amplifiers and power hungry speakers.  For those with lower powered amplifiers and more efficient speakers a different gauge may be preferable.  The SPEC folks for example like the 16 awg varient.