Advice: Used Tube Preamp - primary - 2 channel analogue stereo - secondary 5.1 (not HDMI)

Looking to try out Tube Preamp to replace Linn 5103 SS Preamp.
Critical is 2 channel stereo feed from my VPI TT through Linn Linto phono preamp. Has to stay all analogue!
Secondary is 5.1 feed via Sony TV digital optical feed.
Oppo Bluray, Cable and AppleTV HDMI outputs go to TV and all audio is through new (2019) Sony Bravia TV digital optical feed.
Tube Preamp does not need HDMI but should process digital optical feed into 5.1.
I have a predisposition in favor of McIntosh but am open to all suggestions. Like warm but clear tones hence my cartridge. I'm a value rather than a fixed budget shopper.

Current System
VPI Scout (Benz LP wood body)
Linn Ikemi CD player
Linn Linto phono preamp
Linn 5103 pre processor
6 x Linn 5105 power amps (fully active system)
Linn 5140 main speakers 
Linn 5120 center speaker
Linn Keilidh rear speakers
Linn 5105 subwoofer
Oppo Bluray, Cable and AppleTV digital sources via Sony Bravia TV digital optical feed
I just replaced my preamp with an older model Modwright 9.0 SE Line Stage that had an upgraded power supply, new tube board, and their best MWI capacitors.

It comes with remote volume control, and HT/bypass features. It is very well built, and weighs 24 lbs. Oh, and it also sounds incredible. It put the cherry on top of a long search for sonic bliss. I couldn't be happier with it.

Call Dan Wright at Modwright and ask him if he has any preamp trade-ins. He is one of the good guys in audio manufacturing.

Great recommendation though i was hoping for a single box solution.
If I go this route and use the HT/bypass how can I run the main speakers as part of my HT setup?  My power amps only have a single audio input.
Thanks for the help.