Aerial 7B vs Silverline Sonata

I just returned from CES and came away very impressed with the Silverline Sonata II speaker. I have a combined 2-ch/HT system, so I need a speaker that can excel at both.

Has anyone had any firsthand experience with both of these speakers? I'm thinking of buying the Sonata's, but am not sure they're really an improvement over my Aerial 7b's. My friends who attended CES with me were all very impressed with the Sonata's, but are not familiar with the Aerial's. I'm not experienced enough to be able to tell with any certainty which is the better speaker. Any help will be appreciated.
I can't comment on the Sonata's but I own the 7B's in my HT set-up. It doesn't get much better then this, except now I just purchased a Talon Roc sub. It's as good as you'll ever need for HT. This sub might just be the best peice of equipment I've ever bought. Aerial's are some of the best speakers made. I'd keep the 7B's.
Good Luck

I totally agree with you that the 7B's are great speakers for home theater. They're very good for 2-ch as well. They may be one of the best speakers for a combined system. It's just that I'm leaning more to 2-ch lately, and want to get the most out of this part of my system. It could be that the 7B's are better for HT, and the Sonata's are better at 2-ch. That's what I'm hoping to determine. Thanks for your input.


I recently purchased new speakers my choices were B&W, Silverlines, Aerial. I chose the Silverlines, I liked the 7B very much, but they came in second. I thought the silverlines were way smoother in the mids and highs-- soft domes vs titanium and cone. The silverlines are much easier to drive. The only thing I dont like about the silverlines is they are not as heavy and there for not as stable. They come with cones instead of spikes, I think spikes would help greatly. They are both good products, I think silverlines overall are just more musical IMHO.
Good luck.