Aesthetix Atlas

Looking for advice from those who have or have had the Aesthetix Atlas amps. I have been “upgrading “ my system over time and I currently have the Aesthetix Janus Signature and Aesthetix Romulus Signature pieces and I’m thinking about changing out my Quicksilver Silver 90s for an Atlas. I currently have the 1.7 Maggies in the system with 2 Vandersteen 2wq subs and it sounds pretty good. Listening room is not good and never will be. VPI TT, Nakamichi Dragon and Aurender n200 on the front end. The Quicksilver amps sound great but they are 90 watts. The Vandersteen subs I think each have 300watt plate amps. Everything I own is pre owned. 2 kids in college I’m enjoying the hobby on a shoestring. Atlas amps will probably cost as much as much as the last 4 pieces I’ve upgraded. Without being able to audition I’m hoping for some insights. There are a nice pair of Atlas monos for sale on sites and it is so tempting. Thanks