Affordable cables

We all know and can't dispute that SR and other uber expensive cables can do magic with your systems however most of us aspiring audiophiles simply can't afford them. So I would like to hear from some of our colleagues who worked their way up the cable chain what if any cables priced at $100.00 or less made or make the most difference to a system. Interconnects specifically.  Thanks 
millercarbon, the fact is that you have convinced yourself that all home brewed cables are failures based on one persons botched attempts. Your message to all DIYers is you are doing them a favor telling them to give up before they have started and just accept your message of ultimate failure. Every company that makes cables originally started with one person coming up with the idea and developing the project.

As for beating the SR drum, go to their classified pages here on A’gon and you will see 100’s of ads by their dealers, no need to plug their rather astronomically priced (recognizing they are not alone in their pricing) Nano quantum products.
I have been looking for that special cable for my reasonably pricey setup. Trying out and owning some of these cables from known and respected brands which was not cheap, did some improvements but also had some drawbacks. What hit the spot for me was something that I never expected and that was using Michael Green’s Picasso and Bare Essence cables. Sometimes less is more :)
Ok millercarbon,   I was a bit too humbler there. You will never find anything as good as my diy ic`s are moore correct. Remember, I haven`t invented them, just "found" them years ago. 
@unfairlane  - just to clarify my post...

You are wrong there Steve. My simple diy ic`s are cheap

I was actually referring to my DIY cables being a bit pricey, not all DIY cables :-)

As for...
but I can guarantee that you`ll never find anything better
Yep -  I make the same claim about my cables :-)

What I have observed...
- There are some great DIY options out there. 
- DIY can compete with established products from NAME BRANDS.
- The adventurous among us will try them
- The sceptics among us will ridicule them
- I accept DIY may not be for everyone
- But cables do  improve sound quality

Go in peace everyone - happy holidays

Regards - Steve