Affordable DAC for iPhone 5?

So I have a nice audio system ARC preamp, McCormack Amp, Martin Logan speakers. I just want to be able to play some music that I have on my iPhone 5.

Ideally I would like something that had a dock type setup - sit the phone on the cradle and has RCA output on the back. Simple.

Any suggestions? Prefer to spend $200 or LESS!

Thanks much.

- Rob
You'll need a 20-pin to lighting adaptor for Pure i20. Then when you have more cash, you can take the digital out from the i20 and put it into a better DAC.

Anyone know about a reasonable price solution to take digital out of the iphone portably and get it into a portable headphone DAC/Amp? 20-pin ipod or iphone 5...
Great information here. I have to pull out my player and see if it has digital in so I can use it's DAC. But for now I think I will get the i20. Can always upgrade to a better DAC later.

Thanks much!

- Rob
Actually, DAC is mainly used for creating a connection with an iOS-based system to other devices like iPhone, iPods, iPads. The users mainly prefer a DAC which is affordable to them. They take any suggestions instructed by Apple customer support number that will be useful for them.