Affordable DAC for iPhone 5?

So I have a nice audio system ARC preamp, McCormack Amp, Martin Logan speakers. I just want to be able to play some music that I have on my iPhone 5.

Ideally I would like something that had a dock type setup - sit the phone on the cradle and has RCA output on the back. Simple.

Any suggestions? Prefer to spend $200 or LESS!

Thanks much.

- Rob
look at the fiio e17 ($130 on amazon) which is a portable headphone amp/dac. quite an improvement over the stock phone and has the advantage of mobility.
I don't know if you can get a decent enough DAC at 200 bucks much less one designed for iPhone 5.

Here are my recommendations

Wolfson DAC battery powered and designed with help from RedWineAudio.

Most docks that have digital output (like the Wadia iTransport, Onkyo S1 and the Cambridge Audio ID100) are designed for the older 30 pin dock connectors so you would need the Lightning to 30 pin adaptor to work. And these really benefit from an external DAC as well.

If you already have a DAC in your system, get either an AppleTV or Airport Express and play the music on the iPhone via Airplay, hooking the optical output from the AppleTV/Airport to the DAC's optical input.
The perfect solution is the Pure i20. $89 on Amazon. Great DAC and great digital outputs too. Nothing beats it for even $600.

If you power it from a Hynes power supply, it would probably beat everything up to $1500 and beyond.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Audioengine is also coming out with a bluetooth version of their very good DAC.
You'll need a 20-pin to lighting adaptor for Pure i20. Then when you have more cash, you can take the digital out from the i20 and put it into a better DAC.

Anyone know about a reasonable price solution to take digital out of the iphone portably and get it into a portable headphone DAC/Amp? 20-pin ipod or iphone 5...
Great information here. I have to pull out my player and see if it has digital in so I can use it's DAC. But for now I think I will get the i20. Can always upgrade to a better DAC later.

Thanks much!

- Rob
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