Affordable digital front end cable

I know this is a tough subject so I’d like to state at the beginning that  I’m in the “AC cables make a difference “ camp. My question is has anyone out there found a $500.00 or less AC cable that they felt really improved they’re digital front end more  specifically a Aurender A100 , I feel a consensus coming on tonight,thanks in advance.


My experience with power cords is very limited, but my working theory is that there's a lot more involved than just the power cords and equipment.  In my case, a W Audio power cord improved my system on my integrated amplifier but didn't seem to make much difference on any of the other components.  In all, I have three W Audio power cords. I think that cords are a hit or miss adventure, which is why I opted for the $50 power cords to see how my system responded.  The results were great.