After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.

I am just enjoying my system. I am in awe of what an audio system can be. I have been listening to Bill Evans in the 60’s and 70’s on my system (see my userId). Having relentlessly pursued the high end for fifty years, alway stretching to achieve the next level. It is so rewarding to have a system that completely surprises and delights me each time I listen to it. What a treat…personally, really well worth the thousands of hours and dollars to achieve it. At 70, glad I did it.


I can relate gh .  Be 70 Dec. 30.  and  couldn’t be happier with the system at this point.   All the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄.

Yep, ditto. A relative newcomer to the high end game but definitely very happy with what I’ve been able to put together! Not saying there may be some future plans, but for now, very, very happy. A bit of Elton playing currently as I type! Merry Christmas!


you have a wonderful system the only thing holding it back is those awful transparent wires they use junkie ofc, you should really try the new rectangular OCC single Crystal wire from Neotech, it is far superior to anything ofc on the market at any price and lot of companies like Transparent rip people off for cheap ofc wire, I have the Sahara which is the rectangular copper OCC wire and it totally blew away my round OCC, it's not cheap but boy is it worth it, my speaker wire was 4300 US and the only thing that will beat it is the Amazon which is the rectangular silver OCC wire and that's double the price.

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Congratulations! You have a terrific system that brings you daily musical joy. Mission accomplished, and no easy feat!!  BHBH