After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?

I'm rethinking my listening room. I want my audio rack to be more minimalist vs lots of boxes, wires, and clutter. I know separates, in general, will sound better. However, at the level of my system, I'm not certain the difference would be as apparent. In the grand scheme of things of Audiophilia, my level of components are mid-fi at best (BHK Pre, First Watt J2, Elac PPA-2 phono, Pro-ject s2 Dac, ZU Omen Defs)

I'm favoring one of the Luxman Class A's (I know Luxman is getting out of the Class A business. The only way I would favor a built-in Dac is if it were upgradable like McIntosh or Accuphase. I'm guessing a Luxman or Mac built-in phono would sound just as good as to what I have now (Elac PPA-2).

So the question is, who else has gone to integrated? Do you regret the move or are you glad you did?



Just went integrated on my main system, replacing about $10K worth of separates (DeHavilland, Edge, JLTi) with a Luxman 580AXII.  Driving Klipsch Forte IV's, so the 30 Class A WPC was not an issue.  Now just have to get around to selling off the old gear.

I am now running just two components. A Vitus R101 Mk II amplifier and a Lumin T2 streamer/DAC to feed the Revel F228Be speakers. Less clutter, less cabling and will challenge most separates. 

I still have separate's for my two channel setup & 5.1, my VAC tube amp, and ARC LS15 tube preamp, and I don't plan to change unless something goes up in a puff of smoke. I also have an Exogal Comet Plus DAC, Audiolab 6000N streamer, Spectron musical MK lll class D amp  For my 5.1 setup l have the Emotivia XMC-2 AV preamp and Anthem MCA-5 amp Oh don't forget my Xbox!
All this equipment is in a low-profile credenza with glass soft close doors. OLED TV above So, l don't have an issue with clutter, and most importantly, my wife is happy! For critical listening, l always pull my Maggie's four feet into the room, and they are super easy to put back

I find the statement that the First Watt J2 is "mid-fi" interesting but more importantly, I think you might be wasting your time and money.  You don't want to make expensive changes and a month or so later find yourself in the same place - disinterested and not listening.  In my experience loss of interest in listening to recorded music is rarely about the equipment.  In any event, good luck.