looking for the right integrated

My system currently is Joseph audio 7 signatures (monitors), Naim cd 5 and nait 5 and nordost solar wind speaker cable- the naim int. seems kind of flat and uninvolving- any ideas?
i'm looking to go solid state- and under 2 grand-thanks
i would recommend listening to the yba integra. i have heard it with the joseph rm 22s. i am not a fan of joseph audios, i did own a pair, but they sounded their best with the yba. imo.
Look for an old Luxman integrated with around 100wpc. It will sound very musical and is strong enough to drive the Josephs. Good luck.
I heard these at HES 2001 with Classe CAM 200s. Sounded great. The assumption is that the CAP-151 might be a good match.
Wombat3 I have no experience with any of your gear, but I'd like to recommend that you audition a Simaudio Moon I-5 integrated. I've owned one for almost a year now, and am very happy.

I would characterize it as being fast, detailed, smooth, and dynamic, with good extension at both ends and a huge soundstage. If your associated equipment leans toward the thin side, it may be a little too neutral for you. But it's a good amp for bringing life to a dull system.

Good luck!
You might want to check out the VTL85i. I heard it briefly and was mighty impressed. Loaded with features, too. Retail is supposed to be $2500, so with a little negotiating, the price should come in right around your budget. Too new of a product for used deals, I think.
Ooops! Just noticed the ss part of your post. Hell, check out the VTL anyway. You might change your mind. Good luck.
With a sensitivity of 86 db of your speakers I would be very careful in finding the right amp. Tubes might not be the best idea. Maybe you should e-mail Joseph and find out what they use and how much minimum power they recommend. Best of luck.
I would agree with Camdeco about the Classe integrated amplifiers. The entire Classe line is rather lively. I use a Classe CA-150 to amplify a pair of Magnepan 1.6 QR loudspeakers. They certainly benefit from the Classe excitement. I am sure that your speakers would benefit as well.
wombat, while i don't know if i could ever go back to all-s/s, now that i've tried toobs, i'd check out electrocompaniet integrateds - i really like their amps...

doug s.

You should try Tubes integrated amplifier as well. Joseph Audio is not really hard to drive. I had them been driven by Aronov Integrated amplifier ( 60 watts push-pull using 6550 tubes ) with a lot of success.

I have a friend who owns complete Naim gears and still not satisfy. Later, he changes to SET. Right now he owns Wavelength Duetto/ Sine combos with AudioNote Speakers. He tries numerous SET before that include Golden Tube SE40, Audion Sterling.. and all SET. He never goes back to Solid State gear anymore.

One guy use Audion Sterling ( 12 watts SET based on EL34 ) to power his Joseph AUdio rm25. From my understanding Joseph Audio is not hard to drive. I had Joseph Audio rm7si signature before.

Right now I'm using Soliloquy 5.0 with Audion Sterling Integrated ( 12 watts SET ). I've tried numerous solid state gears and go back to Tubes.

Good luck.
Budy, you are goin to go crazy with twenty different opinions let me help you proffesionaly, call me that I have to ask you a few questions firt before I recomend the best
integrated amp with in your budjet. Larry from Hi-end Palace
305 978-8687
Well, its good to know that there are some professionals out there to help poor souls through the bramble of our, er, misguided recommendations. Of course, if one is a "professional" it would be encouraging if one learned how to spell the word professional...All in good fun, of course.

OK, you have lower end Nordost running Naim. Uninvolving? Yes, I can see that. Nordost, even the top of the line, is harmonically incomplete, and particularly from the upper mids and higher, and more so as you move down the cable line (where, at the bottom, you start having sibilance problems). Mixed with that is Naim that excells, as a general rule, at dynamics and pace, but whose spatial rendition is two dimensional, and particularly in the rear depth field, causing the units to sound upfront in toto. Josephs are detail-orientated and will translate deficiencies in this area, loading the insufficient harmonics of the Nordost, translated and amplified by the Naim's upfront dynamics, right into your lap. This type of sound makes it difficult to stop "thinking" about the music in an analytic fashion because it stimulates the part of your listening mind that seeks to objectify sound.

If you want to stay SS, then the Sim suggestion is good, You may also wish to consider the Plinius 1850 (@$1700 used, but get one with phono because used it won't be that much more).Take the remaining $ and buy a better IC between CD and Integrated amp, say, an older Purist Collossus Rev B ($350 used/1M). Get some Coincident Tech spkr cables used down the road, a power cord (Custom PC Co Model 11 - $150 used)and forget about the "professionals".

Jeez, how was that? Did I do OK?