Alberta - North/Central - Black Hat Desperaudios

Even with membership (sort of) restricted to persons residing in the Province of Alberta from Red Deer north to the NWT border the Black Hat Desperaudio group boasts nearly 90 audio enthusiast members - and we're looking for more!
From garage sale find systems to TOTL state-of-the art gear we're all about having some serious fun with our sound.
Primarily functioning as an e-mail style discussion group based on a Google Pages forum we hope to connect with and offer support to all those interested in creating a great sounding system - not necessarily an expensive system - just one that sounds wonderful!

See what we're all about here -

jac - desperaudio @ large
The "jac - desperaudio @ large" (if that what you're referring to) is not an e-mail address - it's a signature file. Best bet is to follow the link "" in the original message.
If you need to contact me you can try "revival at interbaun dot com (change "at" and "dot" as necessary)

jac - desperaudio @ large