Alexx and Lamm ML1?

Getting a pair of Wilson Alexx (min 50W). My room is 12 by 24’. Will my beloved Lamm ML1 (90W) be able to get the best out them?
Got my giants yesterday! Delay was due to prior owner’s new Alexx V’s being late on production due to some metal shortages.
Sound stage is much bigger and thicker then the Karma Midi Exquisites that used to be. I do not perceive any struggle for dynamic power. Sound is full, fat and big. (I do have PS Audio P20 Regenerator with dedicated 20 Amp line, Tchernov power cables, L2 Ref Lamm Pre Amp, TW Acoustics front end.)
More details in the far reaches of the stage (chorus voices much better separated on the upper lateral rangs of the Requiem Recording in Mormon Temple for e.g.)
Warm up period seems to have become even more crucial.
Cruising thru thirty records so far with no sign of fatigue. My system and brain are still adjusting to the new upgrade:).
Having said all that, the ugly in me is still wondering if more power will make it even better:). If this idea continues to keep me up at night I will have to at least demo a more powerful Amps option...

Got the Lamm M1.2 into the system. This is clearly the right amp for the system (LP1.2 phono, L2 ref preamp and M1.2ref). The synergy is magical. Power wise, I have trouble getting past 25% on the volume dial as it gets too loud (room is 12’ by 24’ with 9-16’ vaulted ceiling.)