Alexx and Lamm ML1?

Getting a pair of Wilson Alexx (min 50W). My room is 12 by 24’. Will my beloved Lamm ML1 (90W) be able to get the best out them?
 Sorry no way not enough current from the ML1’s, not with this kind of load, if you want to hear the best from these Wilsons.
And you’ll have to use the 4ohm tap on the ML1’s and this will be half the 8ohm wattage, also not enough watts as well. They are nice amps though, just not for these speakers.

The combination of 3 ohms magnitude and a phase angle of –44° between 56 and 59Hz will stress amplifiers, as will the combination of 2.2–2.6 ohms and a phase angle of +40° between 4 and 5kHz. Alexx owners need to match the speakers with amplifiers unfazed by very low impedances.
Sound s like your not short of a quid, get yourself a Gryphon Antillion which has 3 x user adjustable class-A settings while listening, and listing to those Wilsons sing then.

Cheers George
Agree with George, I would want at least 250 high current watts in an amp with a high quality toroidal transformer and quality caps. Do not skimp on the power delivery side of the equation.  Great speakers btw!
Trent, sale manager from Wilson,  drove his Alexx with the Lamm 2.1 and said he loved that combo.  Also depends on your listening level. The other amps suggested above have good favor as well. 
Karma MIDI Exquisite. Wonderful sound, just a bit ‘thin’ when playing full orchestral pieces. 

He wants to get "the best from them",
Everyone needs to look at measurements more as well as listening.
All these tube suggestions will never get "the best from them", they "may" sound OK though.

urowolf OP
Karma MIDI Exquisite. Wonderful sound, just a bit ‘thin’ when playing full orchestral pieces.
Probably because they also demanded current, and is what happens when current is demanded (just a bit ‘thin’) when a tube amp can’t give it, and the Alexx are even more demanding.
And before anyone mentions to use a Zero Autoformer, a big NO!! it’s only a band-aid fix, get the right amp to do the job! These Alexx’s are magnificent speakers and deserve the right amp.

Cheers George
Gryphon Mephisto stereo is the least expensive amp I can come up with. Speaking new equipment. It's $65k or so retail.
Well, you probably could try D'Agostino Momentum amps too. Very different sound.

urowolf OP
There is always Lamm M1.2/2.2.

Sorry na, you need current and watts, the Gryphon will do it for you, that is "if" you want the best from those speakers, you can compromise with the tubes. But I’ll seriously strangle you if you do.

And the Antillion which my friend Edgar, reviewer and (owner of Soundstage Australia) has with his Alexia 2’s it has 3 stages of Class-A you can listen to, my favorite is the 100w Class-A with 180w A/B, probably consumes as much power as your Lamm’s in that mode good for Winter.
But then for background music or on stinking hot days where the air con is next to useless, you can turn it down to 10w Class-A with 180w of A/B so then it’s very ECO friendly and doesn’t warm up the room even more.

In 100w class-A mode it gives huge sound stage/depth and imaging that just washes over you, with a sound, that just oozes from everywhere within the image but not from the speakers they disappear, it’s like they are not the source of it and can be taken away and the sound will stay.

Cheers George
Well the question is what type of listener are you?  Some really like a very dynamic explosive sound with all the power you can muster. If that’s the case and money no object then I’d go Boulder over Gryphon. However if you like the Lamm you have it can’t hurt to try it first,  if it doesn’t work then you can switch.  I hear the Lamm is very captivating with the Alexx.  The Lamm finesse and tonal balance is something special and if you like the sound you might miss it if you let it go.  Call Trent at Wilson he owned that combo and tried many other amps before settling on Lamm. Speak to owners if you can.  Also check out Jays audio lab on you tube he has done extensive videos with the big power amp like Gryphon and boulder on the Alexx and like George prefers big power as well.  I’m also picking up the Alexx so I’m interested in your Lamm experience. 
Spoke to engineer at Lamm. He feels the combo should be fine with my room and moderate listening levels. Also spoke to Tyler and Trent at Wilson. Both felt that the combo should be fine. Trent is using Lamm M1.2 (hybrid with 220W into 4 ohms) to drive Alexx. He is very happy with unparalleled musicality of LAMM and feels there is no lack of performance at all with Alexx. Trent also relayed his experience using LM2.1 which he felt was most musical amps. He used these 18W tubes to drive Maxx 3. He said about five percent of tracks were ‘affected’ by low power and the rest were fine. 
I don not like it loud. And it would make an emotional re adjustment to part with LAMMs given how much I love what they do. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Will have to try them with ML1’s. We can always cross the bridge later if it comes to it. Fingers crossed. 

He feels the combo should be fine

Fine?? is a compromise answer (It is not "the best" that you asked)
" Will my beloved Lamm ML1 (90W) be able to get the best out them?"

Sorry but these speaker are awesome, and need the right amp to get it, even at medium volume they need current to sound their best. 

And the Max 3 is much easier to drive than the Max 2 and also the Alexx which is harder again
Stereophile: " MAXX 3 will be significantly easier to drive."

Cheers George
What first separates real life sound and reproduced sound is dynamics. You want to approximate as much as possible. As great as Lamms are they cannot do it. As for other elements, like timbre, Lamm might win. So..?
I would say much depends on what kind of music you mostly listen to and your priorities. It would be very tough choice for me if cost no object or almost no object.
Just try the M2.2 instead, Vladimirs design for low impedance speakers.

manufacturers always say their gear works with anything so discount them. Dealers know better usually.
I guess I’d ask you naysayers  what you are using on your Alexx.  The OP is right to try his current amp just to see. He may just love it. What’s best is a personal opinion not an absolute.  Urowolf please let me know your results I’m very interested in what you think. 
Wilsons work quite well with many different amps, but if you want the very best, defined by you as very best overall, then it becomes a challenge to choose. I envy you, anyway, whatever you eventually end up with.
"I guess the proof is in the pudding. Will have to try them with ML1’s. We can always cross the bridge later if it comes to it. Fingers crossed."

Yes, just try the pairing and decide yourself. If the listening result is not satisfactory (Your taste/preferences) with the Lamms, move on to the high current transistor amplifiers as others have recommended. The Alexa do represent a somewhat challenging speaker impedance curve.
Got my giants yesterday! Delay was due to prior owner’s new Alexx V’s being late on production due to some metal shortages.
Sound stage is much bigger and thicker then the Karma Midi Exquisites that used to be. I do not perceive any struggle for dynamic power. Sound is full, fat and big. (I do have PS Audio P20 Regenerator with dedicated 20 Amp line, Tchernov power cables, L2 Ref Lamm Pre Amp, TW Acoustics front end.)
More details in the far reaches of the stage (chorus voices much better separated on the upper lateral rangs of the Requiem Recording in Mormon Temple for e.g.)
Warm up period seems to have become even more crucial.
Cruising thru thirty records so far with no sign of fatigue. My system and brain are still adjusting to the new upgrade:).
Having said all that, the ugly in me is still wondering if more power will make it even better:). If this idea continues to keep me up at night I will have to at least demo a more powerful Amps option...

Got the Lamm M1.2 into the system. This is clearly the right amp for the system (LP1.2 phono, L2 ref preamp and M1.2ref). The synergy is magical. Power wise, I have trouble getting past 25% on the volume dial as it gets too loud (room is 12’ by 24’ with 9-16’ vaulted ceiling.)