All in one Pre/Power/Streaming/DAC or Streaming Preamp/DAC combo ~$2k-4k recommendations


Looking for recommendations on a user-friendly  pre/power/dac/streamer OR preamp/dac/streamer combo or all in one pre/power/dac/streamer combo.  ~$2-4K is my price range.  These combos are difficult to search the internet for and even more difficult to search Audiogon for (what section do you list them in?). 

Here's what I think are my requirements.  I say, "I think" because I'm open to other options to get me there.
1. Control unit with iphone, ipad
2. Runs Tidal
3. Runs cool-- my equipment is behind doors away from 2 year old hands
4. Fun options- HDMI input, bluetooth, air play, room correction- I have no control over placement options for speakers (wife retains that authority)
5. If recommending all-in-one box with power needs plenty of watts to run ATC speakers, generally >100wpc.

Current system consists of ATC SCM 11 v2 speakers, Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 which runs straight into Wyred for Sound ST-500 mk 2 power amp.  I have a Squeezebox touch from which I stream Tidal.  Also have an apple tv and sony uhp-h1 universal player connected through the DAC.  My stereo is in the main living room connected with the tv that everyone uses.

I"m really looking for functionality upgrade, not necessarily looking to improve on the sound.  I'm pretty pleased with sound quality and I don't know if I could elaborate on what sound quality I would improve upon if you asked.  I want my wife and kids to be able to use it and enjoy it as much as I do.  Think Taylor Swift dance parties (for my daughters), country music for the wife, and jazz/acoustic for me, and tv sound through the stereo all of the rest of the time.   

Right now I have a separate remote for all the devices.  I frequently have 3 remotes in my hand at once.  I use iPeng to control the Squeezebox, but I don't think it's great and doesn't integrate all that well with Tidal. Wife and kids find it more difficult to use.

My wants seem to outweigh my bank account- the eternal audiophile conundrum.

Thanks for your input!


"Any differences between m100 vs m150 other than watts?"
From everything I've seen, the M-150 has the M.A.R.S. room correction included, adds +50w and +$1150.  That's it.
Wanted to chime in on the tonal balance of the gold note is-1000, which i own alongside an ayre ex-8. The gold note is in fact the warmer sounding (and cooler running) of the two units. Streaming, the ayre is clearly more resolving, delicate, and transparent, the gold note privileges strong drive and a rich, moving magnet like sense of midband body. Unlike the ayre, which has a fantastic one; the gold note does not have a headphone out but its included phono stage is truly sonically exceptional (if limited in configurability), even compared to many very fine external phono preamps when using a high quality lomc or mm cart. 
Thanks for the info, Transience.  The only review I could find on the gold note from digital audio review suggested it sound “hot” which I took to me bright, harsh.  Your review is the opposite.  I have ATC speakers which are not bright but are detailed.  Therefore I have a fear of any bright, detailed equipment.  I’m sure the Ayre is amazing.  In my mind they’re one of the elite companies making audio these days.  However, they’re always out of my price range.  How are the control apps for both units? Have you used them? Music direct is now selling AVM stuff which has piqued my interest.  I’ve been focusing on the AVM CS 2.2 specifically.  Any first hand users of this one? 
NAD M10 does all that and has Dirac for $2,500 list price.

A used Devialet expert pro 140. No room correction per se but does compensate for the behavior of specific speakers via the SAM functionality.

Lumin M1 is $2k but no room correction.
@joshelston happy to provide my perspectives on the two units respectively. I find the gold note very far from "hot," and the darko review seriously perpexplexing, as if anything the gold note is warm, bold, and a little barrel chested - it’s great strength is midbass pressure and midband richness and color. By comparison the Ayre is silverier, shining with upper presence region purity. They both use mcontrol on mobile and are both roon ready, - the gold note uses an optical alps volume control though so responds more quickly to volume changes and has mqa; the ayre counters with a screen displaying track info. I have an android, but i understand gold note has a dedicated app for iphone/ipad out already. Both are excellent; would pair the gold note with a brighter system and the ayre with a richer one. The gold note phono stage and ayre headphone out are also truly extraordinary.